• 172 hours on the moon - Johan Harstad

    172 hours on the moon - Johan Harstad


    No space missions have been launched for a very long time. Supposedly because people lost interest. The pretextes were lies... When the leaders of our world decide to get a special rock from the moon, they make a lottery out of it, rewarding three teenagers by sending them for 172 hours to the moon with real astronauts. Mia, Midori and Antoine are the winners... or are they really ? When they get on the moon, they discover the real reason why no one has been sent for so many years... A terrifying reason... And it’s too late for them to go back.



    This is a very unusual book... It’s kind of rare for a book designed for teenagers, yet the ones who look for fear and chills will love it! By a Norwegian writer, this book is divided in three very differents parts, which might be unsettling. The first part introduces each character as a novel would. We learn to get to know Mia, Midori and Antoine. The second part tells everything about the space travel, and the fans will love it. I know I took a lot of pleasure in it. It’s writen as if the journey to the moon could happen tomorrow. And the last part... The horror ! Almost as good as Stephen King’s! The part is terrifying! We love trembling through it all and we are sorry it doesn’t go for a bit longer. Let’s wait to read other books of this writer, who isn’t for everyone…  

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