• Darkly dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay

    Darkly dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay


    Dexter is a blood spatter analyst at the Miami metro police. He has a girlfirends, colleagues and a sister – the daughter of his adoptive parents. But Dexter is a serial killer. Thanks to his adoptive father, who used to be a cop, Dexter learned to live – and kill – according to Harry’s code : he only murders killers. Even though Dexter, this nice sociopath doesn’t actually feel anything, he tries to fake it. And he’s quite good at it, too! That is until another serial killer strikes. Some weird resamblances appear... Has Dexter lost his mind, or is there someone else... like him?



    This first book of the Dexter novels is almost exactly the same story as the season one of the TV show. The description of this psychopath is quite good! (as long as I don’t have to meet the author^^) Despite everything, Dexter is a charming character, who has some good in him (since he only kills the murderers that the police couldn’t catch). Just as it is shown in the TV show, the shadow of Harry (Dexter’s late adoptive father) is always by his side, and his character acts as a guide. Deb – Dexter’s sister – is surprisingly dependent on her brother. Dexter’s colleagues and Deb are like pawns in Dexter’s game. The story is excellent and the theme awesome ! The next books of Dexter’s story don’t follow the storyline of the series (actually it’s the other way around) which will offer us different stories ! Great: more of our favorite serial killer!

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