• Fallen dragon - Peter Hamilton

    Fallen dragon - Peter Hamilton


    Lawrence is a young man full of dreams who lives through his TV shows. His goal is to go far away and become, like his heroes, someone who will travel through the universe to discover unhabited planets and aliens. He lives on one a the numerous planets who have been conquered by mankind. But his life won’t turn out the way he expected it and he’ll become a mercenary for a huge company which loans money to new worlds, in order to collect later... with strengh. Sometimes things go well, but most of the times, the resistance in the attacked world strikes back turning the conflict into a war. The book tells the story of Lawrence as a teenager and as an adult.



    Like all Hamilton’s books, this one has a precise structure. Careful not to get lost in it, because the author doesn’t give any date. Hard to say when you are (it took me like four chapters to get that it was both Lawrence young and adult...) Lawrence’s youth is great: he lives in a strange world and yet resembles any human teenager. His love story is wonderful and it takes you back to your first crushes. I found the fights a little long, and it’s not my favorite part. Although, his bonds with the other mercenaries are quite touching. As to the last hundred pages... Waoh ! As usual, he author reveals everything and surprises his reader ! You just can’t leave the book until the very end. “Fallen dragon” isn’t his best novel, (it’s one of the only one so “short”: there’s no sequel) but it’s a good SF book, that the military type readers will enjoy very much...

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