• Sky chasers (1/.) Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan

    Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan


    The Empyrean is a ship heading for a new Earth. Waverly is a strong and smart teenager who lives in it. And so does Kieran, her boyfriend, and future captain of the ship. They know that in this time of need, they’ll have to give children to the human race... Their life is shaken when another ship, the New Orizon (sent few years sooner for the same goal) attacks them. During the fight, the surviving adults are stuck in a contaminated area of the Empyrean and the girls are captured under false pretext. As for the boyes, they are left to decide the fate of the Empyrean. Kieran tries to save the ship, despite Seth’s efforts to take control. But Kieran’s final objective is to find Waverly whose life has became much harder...



    “Glow”’s cover is gorgeous, and its story is great. Even though it’s designed for a young audience, the originality of the book conquered me ! (I read it in a day) The story reminded me of “Gone” for the adultless part, and of “Remnants” for the wandering in space. The children’s adventures are great, with a main character who is really endearing and mature. The others are darker. We don’t really know where is the politically correct, given the circumstances of the characters’s life aboard. The author talks about sex, religion, and manipulation which are all hard subjects and mixes it all up to come up with an interesting storyline. Very dynamic. I can’t wait to read the sequel: “Spark”!

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