• Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog) - Jerome Jerome

    Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog -  Jerome Jerome


    Three friends: Geroge, Harris and Jerome are fed up with their work in London. So they decide to take a break and sail accross the river Thames in a little boat. The dog will also be part of the trip. After getting ready, they’re finally ready for adventures...


    Lolo’s review:

    This book is kind of old (first published in 1889) and I think that the situations might have been very laughable bach then are just not any longer... You barely smile. Yet, it seemed to be good at first, I loved the beginning and found it funny. And then it was over. When the journey actually begins, many “kind of funny” situations occur: how to prepare tea on a boat, how to open a can without a can opener... It’s kind of boring. This is the famous britsh humor which isn’t for everyone. I found most situations absurd rather that comical, I guess it’s a book that didn’t age well… The descriptions of the villages and historical places are interesting, but the whole thing is just average. Too bad!  

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