• Alpha and Omega 1 Cry wolf - Patricia Briggs

    Alpha and Omega 1 Cry wolf - Patricia Briggs


    Anna is an omega : a rare type of werewolf who has the ability to calm the members of the pack, making it stronger and more united. But Anna was part of a pack where Leo, the alpha, used her badly: sharing her in a sick manner with the members... Charles, the marrok’s son (alpha of all alphas), is going to save Anna and become a mate. Between the two of them, they’re going to find the one who’s responsible for stranges attacks and learn to trust each other.



    Alpha & Omega is the new series of Patricia Briggs, who wrote “Mercy Thompson”. Unfortunately, here it doesn’t work. Briggs surely knows how to write and her style is nice, but her books lately are a lot alike and don’t offer any more suprises. Her themes are often the same and give a boring aspect to the text. It’s always about who dominates whom and who is dominated by whom, with an obvious romance... Mercy Thompson is a great series because its main character is strong and ballsy. She shouts louder than the others and yet she’s supposed to be dominated by all of them ! Here, Anna is weak, she’s a victim, and the other characters aren’t very nice... It would be nice for Briggs to get new stuff, just the way Kelley Armstrong did it !

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