• Fifty shades of Grey - Erika James

    Fifty shades of Grey - Erika James


    Anastasia Steele is a student who interviews Christian Grey, CEO of a big company for her faculty’s journal. She’s immediatly impressed by this man, but it’s him who wants to see her again, nonetheless. So their relationship begins... But soon, Christian explains to her that he has a weird bond with women, and he offers her a contract : he’ll always be dominant, and define precisely her role has a submissive woman. The rules are quite hard and don’t regard exclusively their sex life. In front of this deal, Anastasia has to chose between her vertue and submitting to Christian’s deviances. Or maybe her love might change him?


    Audrey’s review:

    The writing is very fluid and nice, the author knows how to use striking words that send you into the story. Her style is captivating! More than the erotic games, what I liked most was the very complex relationship between the two characters. They both have to face their limits and learn how to compromise. They’re getting to know each other. Despite their differences, we feel something deep binding the two characters. My romantic soul is very fond of this! I hope that behind the erotic front, deep feelings are hidden. Anastasia could be anyone, and she has to face Christian’s complex aspects. He is kind of a beast/prince. Yet, when you expect it least, he surprises! It’s kind of a fairytale that would set place in our time. Sometimes it makes it less realistic... The other characters are good too : Kate (the fearless version of Anastasia) and Jose (the handsome best friend). As for the end of the novel, it’s both satisfying and troubling: it makes you want to grab the sequel right away! 

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