• I am number four - Pittacus Lore

    I am number four - Pittacus Lore


    While their world is being attacked and destroyed by another alien species, the last children of Loric are sent to Earth. They are being hunted down, but a spell protects them: the nine of them can only be killed in the right order. The first three have been found and muredered... Number four is next.



    After I saw the movie’s preview, (and waiting to actually watch the movie) I could not NOT get this book that seemed so great. And indeed, the story is very good: a hunt, a curse, super powers... The recipe for success! But it here it is: despite some major qualities, it remains a book for teenagers which is weird sometimes given the hard reality of the characters’ lives. The style is upsetting for me, too. The present and the use of first person troubles me. But the end of this book isn’t the end of the story, since it is the first of the Lorien legacies series...

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