• Jekel loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey

    Jekel loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey


    After the murder of her father – who was a chemist – Jill Jekel realises that he spent all of her college monney. Tristan Hyde, son of a psychiatrist whose wife is missing, is a teenager suffering from blackouts and flushes of aggressivity. Aside from their name, these two have a gift: they excel at chemistry. When a contest might allow Jill to win a scholarship, they combine their skills and use the formulas of the real Dr. Jekyl, allegedly Jill’s ancestor. But before he died, Tristan’s grandfather told him about the curse set upon his family... And when feelings begin to spurt between the two teenagers, the infamous Dr. Jeckyl’s potion might turn out to be very dangerous...



    I read it in less than a day! This book is for young adults buyt suited me rather well. Taking the myth of Dr. Jeckyl and Mister Hyde was a great idea and immediatly spoke to me. The potion is going to help Jill to become more balanced and confident. Tristan is endearing because he’s just a boy who’s looking for a solution to his problem. We can actualy see him fight against his fate to stay with Jill. The writing is great and the chapters quite small which always give you the need to turn the next page. Some parts are rather obvious but the characters and their love story is well writen! The alternate narration between Jill and Tristan is interesting. In a nutshell, it’s great!

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