• Oscar and the lady in pink - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

    Oscar and the lady in pink - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt


    Oscar is a little boy, just like every others… except that he lives in a hospital. He’s got a very agressive type of cancer that leaves him very few days before the end. His days are far from being sad though: he’s surrounded by lots of friends such as Pop corn (a young obese), Peggye Blue (lungs disease) and Bacon (severely burned). A mysterious lady dressed in pink is goind to help him through his last days, to make it last as if a lifetime. It’s through his letters to God that we find out what happens to this incredible being...


    Audrey’s review:

    It’s a story that could unfortunately be part of the reality, but it’s also so very wonderful that it’s hard to imagine that it could actually happen... Fortunatelly, far from being dramatic, the story of Oscar is being told in a happy way and with humor and joy. We mostly enjoyed the friendship between Oscar and the lady dressed in pink. This bond is very beautiful. Oscar is like every other boys, with that thing that’s missing: time... Which is what makes him one of a kind, a spark of life. His pseudo-relationship with Peggy Blue is so cute and makes you smile. The writing is sensational and we wonder how with so few pages, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt can share so many emotions... It’s phenomenal. This is a book that I have read, and that could read all over again, because it makes you feel so much, and it makes you want to live.

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