• Pandora's star - Peter Hamilton

    Pandora's star - Peter Hamilton


    The ship « Second chance » is coming back after accidentaly releasing the Primes from their galactical jail. The aliens soon begin to attack the first planets of the Commonwealth. A defensive fleet is set to face the threat. Melanie, a young journalist eager to become famous choses the IA to learn more about the Primes. But the entity isn’t sure whether it wants to get involved in a conflict between species...



    In France, this is the second book of the Pandora’s star. And it is just as good as the previous one. After the Primes are set free by the Human ship, they attack the Commonwealth, and it’s a perfect chance to make us see the wonders of the author! He exploits many aspects of Humanity through several characters with very different personalities. But he also uses his unlimited imagination to describe alien civilisations, whose ways of life are explained with logic, kind of the way an antropologist would do it! The suspense begins at the very first page and sticks through the whole book. The reader is waiting for the big fight (which unfortunately happens at the very end of the book!). The substories are still very rich and numerous. The only negative aspect is that a fragmented reading of this story is impossible because of the complexity of it. The conclusion is very well writen since you cant’ help but grab the thrid book to keep on reading about Pandora’s star!

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