• Sleeping beauty (1/3) The claiming of sleeping beauty - Anne Rice

    Sleeping beauty 1-3 The claiming of sleeping beauty - Anne Rice


    The prince just freed sleeping beauty from her curse. But it’s not with a nice kiss on the lips that he’s going to wake her, far from it ! From this moment on, sleeping beauty is going to know what hell is. She’ll be dragged from village to village accross the kingdom, where she’s going to be abused in every single way (most of them being sexual) to please her prince and his mother. She’ll go from people to people to satisfy everyone’s desires. In the palace, she’ll encounter others who will force her to accept her new life...


    Audrey’s review:

    Anne Rice offers a new version of the fairytale of Sleeping beauty. But it’s one we won’t tell the kids about! This is cleary erotica, S&M even which leaves no room for imagination. Everyhting is being described with many details. The main character is supposed to be very proud while the reader sees nothing but a weak girl who let people crush her. We don’t get why she can undertake the humiliation and abuses. The writing and style are worthless with all the repetitions. The characters are uninteresting and the female hero is almost despised! It’s a book I forced myself to finish by principal whereas each page disgusted me a little more. This novel is shocking and degrating. I guess you get it: I didn’t like it one bit and i advise against reading this book!

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