• Sorry - Zoran Drvenkar

    Sorry - Zoran Drvenkar


    The story sets place in Berlin, nowadays. Four young people who knew each other in high school come together when they’re about to turn thirty. They all went through some hard jobs and situations... Their dreams didn’t really come true... That’s when they have a great idea: they want to create an agency named “Sorry” whose purpose will be to apologize in the name of others. The success is immediate! Everything goes according to plan until a murderer uses the “Sorry” services in order to release his guilt. It’s the beginning of a hard time for the four friends who are going to try and find out who is the killer... Besides, it looks like He knows them quite well...


    Lolo’s review:

    The story isn’t simple. It takes a lot of chapters to know what the author is trying to share. Some parts are too long, even though I must admit: the concept is very original! The narration is too complicated (different people and different times). Yes, it’s hard to get the link between the killer and the four friends, but it’s also very complicated to understand what connects him to his victims! Besides, I liked the killer more than the four driends who seemed completely out of reality! It’s a very dark thriller, and it gets even heavier with the story. I’m not quite satisfied with the ending which happened too quickly (and was kind of weird). As to the tone of the book, it’s terrible, but then again: it’s a thriller!

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