• Stay close - Harlan Coben

    Stay close - Harlan Coben


    Megan is a mother with a normal life, until the day her past comes back to haunt her. Her former friend Lorraine calls her for the first time after 17 years. Once, Megan was called Cassie and was a stripper in Atlantic city. She had disappeared with a customer. She had changed her life and never looked back. But this last client “Stewart” (a nice husband on one side and a sadistic psycho on the other) came back when a second victim goes missing at the very same spot Megan had vanished... Broome is the cop trying to link the two cases. He’s going to try and find the serial killer...


    Lolo’s review:

    I love Harlan Coben. Can we really start over ? Aren’t we always caught by our past ? This is a one way ticket to hell: lies, anonymous pictures, revenge, prostitution, but also redemption... An awsome thriller from beginning to end. The story is very catchy and each chapter keeps us on the edge of our seat. We become Megan and tremble for her. Especially with such a psycho! Each character is great. First Lorraine, the old barmaid but also friend, and Broom the nice cop. Ray, Cassie’s former lover who never got over her disappearing. Dave, Megan’s husband who knows nothing of her past... Harlan Coben offers us once more a great thriller, it’s impossible to let go of the book until the very end!

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