• The Hobbit - J. Tolkien

    The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien


    Bilbo, as all hobbits, is a peaceful little person who doesn't like to be bothered when he eats ! But adventure finds him when Gandalf, a powerful wizard and thirteen bearded dwarves come to talk to him about a treasure. That's how he's going to go on a terrifying expedition, and meet Smaug, the dragon... which he's going to have to fight ! Bilbo has to go with them... and the most amazing thing is that he's never going to lose his sense of humor, no matter the danger ! But he will definitely be affraid...


    Aurélie's review:

    This is pure poetry ! An escape for your spirit which will fly away to the Shire. This is what you are going to find in this wonderful book. I didn't think it could capture the magic of my childhood, while it's been written in 1937 ! And this is the beauty of this book : it's out of our world, and out of our time... I'll promise you that you will forget the hours that will go by. You'll forget your worries and your issues.  (to sum up : you'll forget about work ^^). You will get attached to those characters and you might feel a bit nostalgic when you get to the end, I did anyway... Have a good book !

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