• The power of Six - Pittacus Lore

    The power of six - Pittacus Lore


    John Smith (AKA Number Four) is on the run with Sam and number Six who joined him when the fight againt the Mogs cost Henri’s life (John’s guide and cepan). The three friends have to stay on the move at all time to escape the Mogs. They use their journey to train, but some tensions are spreading: the beautiful Number Six likes the boys, and they seem to feel the same way about her. However, Sarah is always on John’s mind, even though she had to stay in Paradise for her own safety. Far away from them, Number Seven is a young woman living in a spanish orphanage who is trying to train herself since her cepan failed to help her when she decided to turn to God...



    This second book (sequel of “I am number Four”) is far better than the previous one (which seemed a little empty!). The fact that the numbers are coming together is awesome! The fights are geting great and the alien powers are wonderful! The characters (mainly John and Sam) have been forced to grow and the girly stuff is gone (except maybe for John who doesn’t know whether he loves Six or Sarah). The new one, number Seven (Marina) is quite nice and her will is remarkable ! (especially in this environment) The reader doesn’t want to quit the book until the very last page, hoping that all numbers are going to be reunited to crush the Mogs and give the Human race a last chance at survival... I can’t wait to read “The rise of Nine” !

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