• The rise of Nine - Pittacus Lore

    The rise of nine - Pittacus Lore


    John (Number Four) managed to free Number Nine from his prison, but not without losing Sam who’s been captured... John will quickly realise that despite his new mate’s extraordinary powers, the impulses of Nine can be quite dangerous. Setrakus Râ, leader of the Mogs appear more and more in our heroe’s dreams. Marina (Number Seven) and Number Six join forces with Ella (Number Ten!) and her Cêpan, who came from Lorien to Earth on a second ship. The four of them leave Spain to go to India in order to find Eight, who’s able to teleport. Our young aliens will try by all means to come together, in order to get rid of their worst ennemy: Setrakus Râ... 



    This third book of Number Four’s story is amazing! Just like the previous one, the narrators are multiple, here we have John, Number Six and Marina “on the mike”. Marina, whom we got to know in “The power of Six” is a very nice young woman, and the reader feels very close to her, early in the book. She never stops trying to get better and better and she always protects her friends. Six is still the fierce warrior that we love seeing crush her ennemies. And she’ll probably find in Nine a male equivalent! This new character is a good one, because he’s very different than the others. He’s more of a teenage rebel who doesn’t hesistate to use his alien powers whenever he feels like it. However, accross the book we find that he also have nice qualities. His friendship with Four is quite messy, and we loved a certain fight on top of a building! Ella, the youngest is a breath of fresh air and her father/daughter relationship with her Cêpan is very beautiful. Eight has a great power (like in the movie “Jumper”) and the Guard will find it very useful in the future. John finally finds Sarah and their meeting is epic! But we feel sorry for Sam’s absence (a very human character). The gathering of the whole Guard (minus Five) is awesome and explosive! This book is without a doubt the best one yet, and we can’t wait to read the next one !

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