• Waylander - David Gemmel

    Waylander - David Gemmel


    After his family was killed, Waylander became a murderer. Responsible for the death of King Drenaï, his own people is chasing him, along with their long time enemies: the Vagrians. But when he meets Father Dardalion, Waylander is going to change and try to win back his Humanity. Helped by Danyal, a strong young woman, he’s going to try and find the king’s armor which would give the victory to the Drenaïs. His dexterity and his crossbow will be his best weapons against his enemies, while Dardalion will use the powers of the Source, against his old principles… From hatred and despise, the feelings between Waylander and Danyal will turn into love… which also means “weakness” in those times of war.



    Waylander is a fantasy novel written in 1986 which grew old very nicely. The writing is fluid and can be read quite easily. The text is very well split between descriptions and dialogues. The characters avec very endearing and humans, and they evolve through the story, being forced to make compromises. The strange phenomenae that leads Dardalion’s and Waylander’s souls to meet is very interesting and original. It’s even the pivotal part of the story, because they change after that… The relationship between Danyal and Waylander is less interesting: the feelings of the woman come all of a sudden without warnings. Too bad we didn’t learn more about the Drenaïs’ warriors, and we feel sorry for their tragic fate. The fights are great and the reader is right into the action. The last part of the book explaining what happened to each character is a great idea and allows the reader to know what happens to the heroes. To sum it up: Waylander is a great novel for everyone! There were many sequels to this book… 

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