• Women of the otherworld 1 Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

    Women of the otherworld 1 Bitten - Kelley Armstrong


    Elena lives with Phillip… quietly? Not so much, since she’s a werewolf. And the only female of a species, nothing less! Still, she tries to live a normal life, hiding to her boyfriend the truth about herself. Some nights, she undergoes the change. But a year after she left the pack, her former family calls for her. Some werewolf, unrelated to the pack are responsible for bloody murders on the Canadian pack’s territory. Elena has no choice but to come back to her true family... and so she has to face Clayton: the one who broke her heart... But also the one responsible for her change: he took everything away from her: a normal life.



    “Bitten” is the first book of the “Women of the otherworld” series which is so hot right now. But it’s also the author’s first book. And it’s a success. Written in first person (which most of the times bugs me), the style is impeccable. The story is complex, almost as much as her main character. Elena’s torn between a normal and reassuring life and the passion that burns inside of her for Clay and the pack. Despite some rare pieces that went for a bit long, the story is well told. Some hot parts are quite precise (they want us to believe that there is no sex without orgasms for the female werewolves!). Very cynical… To sum it up: a very good book!  

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