• Women of the otherworld 2 Stolen - Kelley Armstrong

    Women of the otherworld 2 Stolen - Kelley Armstrong


    Elena Michaels is the only female werewolf in the world. And she thinks that her spieces is the only supernatural one... Until a witch named Paige invites her to a meeting. Elena, her alpha Jeremy and her companion Clayton discover that witches, half demons and vampires exist. A gathering is needed because someone is hunting down every supernatural spieces. A secret group chase them in order to lock them down in a guarded center. Inside, every kind of experiments are being made on those creatures... Their secret and therefore their only protection against the humans are being threatened. And things get even worse when Elena is captured... She will try her best to get out with the help of the other inmates. Meanwhile, Clayton, Jeremy and Paige will try to find the center in order to break in and save their friend. And they'd better hurry before she becomes a prey...



    Once again, Kelley Armstrong is offering us a great book. Her writing is addictive. The author takes the characters she introduced in her first novel and adds new spiecies (which will be the heroes of her future books). The story gets more interesting with the addition of Paige and Savannah (the whitches) who are nice characters, unlike the lady vampire and her weird comments. As for Adam, the half demon specialized in fire, he's just awesome ! The idea of a lockdown in the center is quite good, and it makes you think of the fourth season of Buffy the vampire slayer (by the way, Elena has a funny comment about that !). The tone is then set, and has kind of a supernatural Prison break vibe, with all the creatures helping each other to try to find a way out. But the best thing about this book is that Elena is narrating.  She's a strong woman with a big temper. She's also very sarcastic, and the book gets very funny. The reader will see everything through her eyes. The love scenes between Clay and Elena will probably be appreciated by some, but I could do without. Thankfully, the story isn't completely about their relationship. I was sorry to see the second female werewolf die, it would have added some spice to a sequel. To conclude : the book is great and you should read it !

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